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The Royal Danish Playhouse

Photo: Jens Lindhe
Due to the location of the playhouse, it is natural to use seawater to cool the building, and by connecting a heat pump to the system, the seawater can be utilized optimally - even for heating in spring and autumn.
Situated on the harbour front in central Copenhagen the Royal Danish Playhouse is a central attraction in the development of the Copenhagen waterfront into a recreational area on a par with cities like London and Amsterdam.

The Royal Danish Playhouse is a theatre building for the Royal Danish Theatre. The playhouse is designed by the Danish architectural practice Lundgaard & Tranberg and COWI has developed a series of groundbreaking solutions which have helped realize the artistic visions. 

Innovative solutions With about 40 per cent of the building projecting over the water, it was nedessary to safeguard the building against ship collisions.  

Another extraordinary achievement is the roof floor of the playhouse where COWI's structural specialists have designed full storey height steel truss girders with total lengths reaching 85m, and with cantilevered spans as high as 26m or what amounts to a seven storey building.

Sustainable buildingCOWI has developed an innovative energy concept for the Royal Danish Playhouse. The energy concept contains e.g. thermal active structures with energy storage, sea water cooling with heat pump and demand-driven ventilation. Savings on electricity consumption for cooling will amount to more than 75%.

The playhouse opened in early 2008 and includes a restaurant, a café and a large public area in the foyer and forecourt.


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