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Bohr's Tower in Carlsberg City District, Denmark

Photo: Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects

​A 100 meter tall residential tower rises above the old Carlsberg brewery area close to central Copenhagen. The tower is part of the new University College complex.

​The Carlsberg area of Copenhagen is undergoing a transformation from industrial headquarters to vibrant urban district.

In the south-eastern corner of the area, the new residential tower with a floor area of approximately 10,000 m2 has been built as part of the University College UCC's new 82.000 m2 campus.

The entire campus is sustainable and mixes education with residential and commercial buildings for a vibrant, multifunctional urban area.

Technical know-how led to optimizations

COWI compsed a work program for the high rise with particular focus on the difference between low-rise and high-rise. The building program includes a description of the optimal principles for high-rise construction.

COWI's services have been to compose building program for the tower, with particular focus on the difference between the more classic low-rise buildings and high-rise buildings. The building program includes a description of the optimal principles for high-rise construction.

Furthermore, COWI carried out due diligence for Carlsberg Real Estate P/S, as well as third-party control of statutory calculations, construction site supervision and advanced Finte Element Method (FEM) analyzes.

Using the FEM method, COWI was able to assure and optimize the resistance of the building against the given impacts, as well as ensure that the comfort criteria for accelerations and deformations were met.

Integrity and quality high on the agenda

A clear focus on quality and integrity helped reduce the execution time and the secured value for the client who had handed over a number of good, healthy and safe solutions.

COWI's longstanding international experience, in-depth knowledge in high-rise building and our holistic 360 degree approach focusing on value creation and coherent solutions for builders helped ensure value and quality.

Area with special conditions

The location of the building on the old Carlsberg site required that the parties involved take into account the interaction between modern, sustainable architecture and the historic buildings of the area, many of which are protected or worthy of preservation.

In regard to this, the close cooperation and professional dialogue between the developer, COWI, entrepreneur, architect and other parties was extremely important.

COWI's long-standing experience and expertise in working on complex areas with special conditions, technically as well as politically, was initiated early in the process and contributed to minimizing the risk of the client.

 Photo: Carlsberg Byen P/S

About Carlsberg City District

​Carlsberg City District will be developed over the next 15-20 years and is expected to have around 3,000 homes in various sizes and price ranges.

University College Campus Carlsberg will, on completion in 2016, have about 10,000 students and 800 employees and will be one of the largest education and research institutions in the educational field.

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