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Early Intervention Centre for children, Oman

Photo: COWI

The centre provides day care facilities, an assessment and therapy unit, portage home visiting education services as well as a training and research centre.

COWI has developed the master plan and concept building design for a new Early Intervention Centre for children with special needs in Oman.

The centre caters for children with all kinds of mental and physical disabilities from newborn to age six.

It provides a comprehensive early intervention program, which educates the children and their families to handle the child's disability. The objective of the centre is to help the children maximize their potential and rise to the daily challenges of life.

The program aims at enrolling the children in regular schools at the age of six or to minimize their disability and ensure a better quality of life.

State of the art facilities

COWI was asked to develop a state of the art master plan for the new facilities. The client requested for multi-purpose and open-plan spaces. The centre has to also represent international best practice and allow for future expansion. It will be the first centre of its kind in the Gulf and one of few purpose built centers worldwide.

Part of the master planning is to prepare a cost estimate for the whole project as well as the marketing material needed for raising the funds that will finance the new facilities.

Local presence, global experienceCOWI was chosen for this project because we have a local presence here in Oman which the client can interact with on a regular basis, combined with specific health care experience in Denmark and Norway.

LAST UPDATED: 15.06.2017