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Østfold Hospital in Kalnes, Norway

Photo: The architect team for Østfold Hospital
Østfold Hospital has been awarded the prize for the best open BIM project 2014. The prize is awarded by buildingSMART International where the jury has assessed which projects in the world that have made the greatest effort to promote the use of open BIM.
In November 2015, a large new hospital was completed in Kalnes, Norway. COWI was responsible for the planning and design of the new hospital and renovation of the old Moss Hospital.

The new Østfold Hospital unites four existing hospitals in the area as well as the psychiatric hospital functions. As a part of the project, the hospital in Moss, approximately ten kilometres north of the new hospital, has been expanded and converted to approximately 10,000 m².

Healthy, healing architectureWith the design of Østfold Hospital a major step has been taken towards developing a 'health care house' of the future where design and layout supports patient recovery and wellbeing.

The goal of the architecture has been to create a framework of trust where patients, visitors and staff feel highly prioritised.

It was emphasized that the hospital must appear clear, and that visitors must be able to quickly perceive the main components.

Logistics analysis ensures efficient operationThe new hospital possesses optimal logistics and flexibility.

COWI has been specialist advisor on logistics during the pre-design phase. The logistics analysis outlined potential bottlenecks in the current design proposals and proposed a new logical structure which would allow for a smoother flow of goods and appropriate sizing of logistical and technical areas.

Definition of logical principles and detailed workflow descriptions for the different hospital goods (consumer goods, sterile supplies, food, beds, medicine, samples and blood products, waste management, etc.) resulted in an improved workflow which reduces idle time and optimizes the use of technological and human resources.

The result of the patient flow studies as well as workflow descriptions and assessment of optimal transportation systems is an improved flow of patients and goods and thus a more efficient operation with less waiting and waste time.

BIM (Building Information Modeling)

BIM has been used in all phases of the project.

In 2014, the project was awarded the prize for the best open BIM project.

Open BIM makes it possible to reuse information that various parties have entered into a digital model of a completed building. Consulting engineers, architects and client can at an early stage in the design process visualize and simulate different options based on defined criteria, and then correct and agree on the way forward.

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