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The Danish Broadcasting Corporation's concert hall

Photo: Nicolai Perjesi
At night the blue canvas serves as a screen. 
With the Danish Broadcasting Corporation's new concert hall, a world-class concert hall has been created with fine architectural details and high demands for acoustics.
The concert hall is designed by the French architect Jean Nouvel, who has worked closely together with the Japanese acoustician Yasuhisa Toyota.

The concert hall has offered many engineering and project-related challenges. The building is a geometrically advanced construction resting on three towers with a floating cone-shaped ceiling built on a platform at a height of 25 meters.

Glass facade carried by cables

Along the foyer a 100 meters long and 30 meters high glass facade has been erected. The facade is supported by diagonal cables, a feature that has not been seen previously. The facade can move up to 20 centimetres and resist even heavy storms.

Another challenging task is the so-called bird cage, a steel construction surrounding the concert hall. The bird cage is covered with cobalt blue canvas which serves as a screen on which live pictures and works of art are projected in the evening.

Since 2000, COWI has been the client consultant on the construction of DR Byen, the Danish Broadcasting Corporation's new multimedia house. As a result of structural changes, COWI has manned several key positions in the organization.

Concert halls with different reverberant sounds

The concert hall consists of four halls with variable acoustics, which means that the reverberant sound can be regulated and adjusted to different ensembles and different kinds of music. COWI has assisted with formulating the demands for the reverberant sound.

The main concert hall has the shape of an amphitheatre, in which the audience are seated on all sides of the orchestra. Sound regulating curtains can be drawn in order to change the acoustics when the hall is used for rhythmical music.

Furthermore there are three smaller halls for production, rehearsals and concerts with DR's ensembles. In these halls, the reverberant sound can be adjusted with e.g. lots of doors that can be opened or shut, and sound regulating wall panels that can be turned in order to change the acoustics.

LAST UPDATED: 14.08.2017