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New chemistry laboratories for DTU, Denmark

Photo: Rørbæk&Møller

​The large windows emphasize a visual connection with the DTU campus and give the surroundings a glimpse of modern laboratories, in which teaching and advanced research is carried out.

​COWI was consultant for the 3,200-m² new teaching and research laboratories for DTU Chemistry.

​DTU is currently investing in an ambitious infrastructure development that includes the construction of new advanced laboratory facilities for DTU Chemistry.

The new chemistry building (Building 211), is located as the third wing at the end of Building 206 and 207 on the DTU campus in Lundtofte. In addition to new common areas, the new building consists of state-of-the-art laboratories. The functional and technical solutions in the project require a robust, well-integrated and operationally optimized laboratory design.

Technical installations on the roof

The distinctive roof house is used exclusively for technology and ventilation. Because of the many fume hoods in the laboratories the ceiling height is more than six meters to ensure the proper flow of air.

An especially future-proof technical installation for piped gas supplies the laboratories with the gases required for research at DTU Chemistry, and a central vacuum and cooling system provides ventilation for all fume cupboards and fume hoods. In addition, the building's ring ventilation system hasn't been seen before in this size in DTU's building stock.

LAST UPDATED: 03.08.2017