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New facilities management concept at NNIT

Photo: NCC

NNIT has chosen a long-term and holistic approach to facilities management.
COWI has developed a new, flexible concept for facilities management in collaboration with NNIT.

NNIT has gathered 1350 employees from three locations in a new domicile, and service functions such as canteen, post services, cleaning and maintenance of technical installations have been gathered in one single facilities management organisation.

Prior to the move, COWI analysed the facilities in the three offices and prepared a suggestion for a new, complete facilities management (FM) organisation, a new quality concept and a process for how to best manage tasks at the new headquarters.

In control of service now and in the future

COWI has developed a series of new tools, among other things service level agreements that systematize and rationalize in new ways, ensuring that the service functions are more interconnected and always reflect the organisation's expectations regarding deliverables and level of quality.

The result is a future-proof facilities management solution featuring service plans that can be revised regularly in dialogue with the service providers.

New FM concept

The project led to COWI developing an entirely new FM concept.

A wide range of FM tools were used in the project, including cost and task control tools as well as quality measurement tools. Both national and international service standards were applied to prepare the service specifications and to achieve an unambiguous basis for tender, and an invitation to tender has been sent to service providers.

Consequently, a number of best practices now exist which COWI's other customers can adapt to their specific circumstances. This goes for both Danish and international customers.

The new FM tools were tested in practice through tendering and were rolled out in 2011 in NNIT's new building.

Customer benefits

  • Competent feed back throughout the tendering process.
  • User involvement through workshops.
  • Unambiguous quality specifications.
  • True and fair operating budget at the lowest prices on the market.
  • Controlled reporting and quality measurement.
  • Future-proof through regular tendering.
  • Competent FM consultancy with benchmarks to our many other projects.
  • Easy-to-understand priority of all FM tasks.

LAST UPDATED: 10.08.2017