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Valad Property Group - Due diligence

Photo: Tao Lytzen
COWI has carried out a large due diligence project for Valad Property Group in connection with the investment group's purchase of totally 260,000 m2 in Sweden - a deal worth DKK 2 billion.

For a number of years, Valad Property Group has purchased more than 200 Scandinavian properties. In connection with each purchase, COWI has, under the auspices of CAT Alliance Ltd., been responsible for both environmental and technical due diligence.

The investment group and COWI have had a close collaboration for four years, and during this period we have experienced an increase in our turnover from Valad Property Group.

Well-tested concept narrows the risk interval

The close collaboration with Valad Property Group is not least due to the fact that we offer a due diligence concept which divides the investor's risk in three categories, namely low, medium and high. The concept means that we can provide an assessment of the risk differential in DKK which provides the client and the investment banks with a quick overview and a sound foundation for decision.

The objective of COWI's due diligence reports is to provide the investor with a picture of the risk factors which are present in a particular investment object both regarding the environmental and the technical fields.

"Previously, cables had been manufactured on the site and therefore we assumed that the site could be polluted", Laila Stub, R & D Manager in COWI, explains. "Our initial assessment was therefore that a risk in the area from DKK 5 to 50 million existed. We completed a pronounced environmental study, including drilling, of the site, and afterwards we were able to narrow down the risk interval considerably".

Assessments are made by specialists When a property is to be inspected, we always send three inspectors from the environmental, building and installation departments, respectively. The teams are different from inspection to inspection, and totally about 60 colleagues work together on the projects.


LAST UPDATED: 14.08.2017