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Green Lighthouse - sustainable building

Photo: Christensen og Co arkitekter
With its green cladding, Green Lighthouse lives up to its name as a visible landmark for the university campus and for the climate ambitions underlying the project.
The University of Copenhagen has built a sustainable building in central Copenhagen.

Green Lighthouse is a sustainable building in which architecture, light and a healthy indoor climate are combined with very low energy consumption.

The vision has been to build a sustainable building which uses very little energy for heating and ventilation, and at the same time produces electricity, for instance for lighting. The house is CO2 neutral (according to Be06) with regard to the operation of the building. This is due to the low energy use of the house, and the fact that the house produces energy that covers its own energy consumption.

The house is heated by means of solar energy and geothermal heat via a heat-operated heat pump, which can also be used for solar cooling in the summer.

Great collaboration creates green result The energy concept of the house was created in a process where consultants, engineers and architect worked together right from the start of the project. Exactly this collaboration allowed for the realization of the visions to create a sustainable house that surpasses future requirements for energy load.
While having the optimum indoor climate, the house features a light and welcoming layout.

Many energy solutionsA number of energy saving features contribute to making Green Lighthouse self-sustainable.

Solar cells, solar panels, natural ventilation and solar screening are used to avoid the need for cooling. Large windows on the façade and skylights ensure the best possible use of daylight.

In order to keep the energy consumption at a minimum, super energy efficient windows will be mounted and the walls will be insulated with 400 mm insulation, which is twice as thick as what would normally be used.

LEED and DGNB certification

In 2012, Green Lighthouse was certified at Bronze level during the Danish pilot phase for DGNB office. COWI has also carried out a LEED Gold certification for Green Lighthouse.

About Green Lighthouse

Green Lighthouse will accommodate teaching facilities, meeting facilities and the administration of the University of Copenhagen.

The steering group behind Green Lighthouse consists of the University of Copenhagen, the Danish University and Property Agency, VELUX and the City of Copenhagen.


LAST UPDATED: 06.10.2017