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Expert advice on transport and infrastructure in the Baltic Sea Region

Photo: Tomas Piliponis/Baltic Development Forum

Participating in the Baltic Development Forum to strengthen infrastructure in the Baltic region, COWI has contributed with consultancy on transport for several years.

COWI managed a Baltic Development Forum round table forum and edited a strategy report on intelligent transport and infrastructure in the Baltic Sea region in 2005.

Round table recommendations

The round table forum encompassed representatives from private and public organisations in the Baltic region, and had as its purpose to propose private sector initiatives to develop the transport sector and infrastructure in the region. The round table met a number of times for workshops and discussions.

The round table report recommended continuous development of the visions for regional transport infrastructure and increasing alternative methods of financing, e.g. public-private partnerships.

The situation in 2010
Five years after the report was published, the Baltic Transport Journal has asked a series of transport experts in the region about the situation in the region in 2010.

Chief Project Manager in COWI, Karsten Sten Pedersen, is one of them. He believes that in spite of the economic crisis and the ensuing decrease in the demand for transport, the region continues to play an important role. It remains essential to develop a coherent multimodal transport sector with minimal climate impact.

LAST UPDATED: 30.09.2017