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Market study for Copenhagen Energy

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COWI provided an overview of Copenhagen Energy customers' view of the corporation's  services and market impact of service changes and improvements.
COWI carried out a wide-ranging market analysis of all the corporation's types of supply: Drainage, heating, gas and water.

The project was the first willingness to pay study in the Danish supply sector and built on COWI's wide-ranging experience with this type of project internationally and within a variety of sectors in Denmark.

Willingness to payBy means of questionnaires based on the advanced interview technique stated preference, COWI examined how willing the users were to pay for extra services, remote meter reading, monitoring of consumption, improved customer service and environmental initiatives.

As an example COWI asked Copenhagen Energy customers whether they could accept a decline in supply reliability. Customers were also asked what their demands for compensation would be if, with ample notice, they were to do without water for 24 hours.

Dialogue with stakeholders On the basis of the market analysis and the value assessment of the different initiatives, Copenhagen Energy can target their products in relation to their users' wishes and needs, position themselves on the utilities market and have a qualified dialogue with their stakeholders.

LAST UPDATED: 18.08.2017