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Reduction of greenhouse gases in the Nordic countries

Photo: Hector Melo A/flickr.com


Climate 2050 - The road to 60-80 per cent reductions in the emissions of greenhouse gases in the Nordic countries.

This project was carried out for the Nordic Council of Ministers. It presents realistic technologies and policy measures needed to make ambitious greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions in the Nordic countries by 2050 and assesses the associated costs.

Sector assessments

COWI assessed the options and associated costs for GHG emission reductions in the Nordic energy and transport sectors and for reduction of GHG from other sectors, mainly agriculture and waste. All options are based on known technologies. The energy model Markal-Nordic was used for the integrated Nordic energy sector analysis.

Reduction is vitalCOWI's final report shows that, while an 80 per cent reduction can be obtained in the energy sector, it is difficult to reach the same targets in transport CO2 emissions and in emissions of other gases, particularly in the agricultural sector. Additional reductions may be obtained by import of biomass and development of improved technologies. The 60-80 per cent reduction is vital if the industrialised countries are to avoid a general temperature increase of 2 per cent.



LAST UPDATED: 31.03.2017