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CSR-profile for an SME

Photo: COWI A/S

COWI provides consultancy to small and medium-sized companies on corporate social responsibility (CSR ) and sustainability. We have helped Sørup Herregaard, a conference centre and hotel, to develop a CSR profile.

The profile gives customers and partners an overview of how Sørup Herregaard deals with social, economic and environmental sustainability and what goals have been set for the coming years.

Developing a CSR-profile makes Sørup Herregaard stand out among their competitors and has reduced their operating costs.

Sustainability requirements
Like several other small and medium-sized companies, Sørup Hedegaard's customers have started to ask questions about how the hotel and conference centre deals with sustainability.

Public and private companies are currently integrating sustainability requirements into their procurement policies. That means increasing demands for all suppliers.

In response to this, Sørup Herregaard has, as a first step, chosen to develop a CSR-profile.

Reducing consumption
In addition to the CSR-profile, COWI has screened Sørup Herregaard's electricity, water, heating and waste consumption to investigate whether the consumption can be reduced.

COWI has also advised Sørup Herregaard on how CSR can be used to create more attractive jobs, reduce costs, minimise risks and promote innovation.

LAST UPDATED: 25.01.2017