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Evaluation of the practical implementation of EU Occupational Safety and Health Directives

Photo: European Agency for Safety and Health at work
The European Commission has appointed COWI (lead) with Milieu (Belgium) and IOM (United Kingdom) to carry out an evaluation of the relevance, effectiveness, and coherence of EU's key 24 directives on occupational safety and health.

​​​The purpose of EU occupational safety and health legislation is to protect the safety and health of workers. This evaluation assesses the regulatory framework and implementation of 24 key occupational safety and health Directives.

The evaluation will include an assessment of the effects and impacts of the Directives and, based on the identified strengths and weaknesses, put forward possible improvements to the regulatory framework.

A multi-dimensional evaluation of the practical implementation of the Directives

The evaluation, which is conducted in the period 2013-2015, involves several levels of analysis and requires many different competencies to be brought together.

Fundamentally, there are three key dimensions in the evaluation, which are interlinked and carefully coordinated in a common approach and methodology:

- The assessment of the implementation of the Directives at a national level (27 EU member states - except Croatia)
- The assessment of each individual directive's relevance, effectiveness, and coherence
- A unified, common assessment of the regulatory framework comprising the 24 Directives as a whole, and their collective relevance, effectiveness and coherence. These will together form the basis for recommendations.

A unified assessment to ensure an adequate level of protection

This major evaluation will provide a unified evaluation of the implementation of 24 Directives in 27 Member States. The evaluation will identify strengths, obsolete provisions, gaps and weaknesses, and lead to the formulation of practical and useful recommendations.

It will feed into the Commission’s forthcoming five-yearly evaluation of the Directives, due to be completed in 2015, which will contain, if necessary, any initiatives pertaining to the improvement of the regulatory framework and its implementation. Hence, the evaluation is of crucial importance to the future development of legislation within occupational safety and health.

LAST UPDATED: 06.12.2017