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Evaluation of the European Investment Bank

Photo: Lee Jordan/flickr
COWI carried out a mid-term evaluation of the European Investment Bank's (EIB) external mandate for lending outside the EU.

Approximately ten per cent of the EIB's operations outside the EU are covered by EU budget guarantees, referred to as mandates. COWI has evaluated the relevance, effectiveness and efficiency of these mandates in terms of their specific regional objectives.

The overall objective was to assess whether the loans contribute to the overall EU policy objectives for the respective countries.

Steering committee of wise persons

The EIB operations were measured in terms of the value they add to the support of EU policy objectives, the quality of the projects themselves and alternative sources of financing.

The evaluation was supervised by a steering committee of wise persons, all experts
with in-depth experience of international financial institutions.

Methodology and interviewsCOWI developed a methodology, designed questionnaires, established a database, conducted interviews, carried out country case studies in ten countries and collected and reviewed written documentation.

The results of evaluation were documented in a report, which was presented to the Council of Ministers and the European Parliament in April 2010.

LAST UPDATED: 27.07.2017