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Evaluation of the European Maritime Safety Agency

Photo: NSW Maritime/flickr

COWI carried out an evaluation of how well the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) fulfilled its objectives and tasks.

The evaluation took the temperature of an organisation which plays an important role in the development of maritime safety in the EU and which has worked to develop effective working relations

EMSA is a European Union agency which was established in 2002. EMSA provides assistance to member states on key areas of maritime safety, in close cooperation with international public and industrial stakeholders.

Evaluating organisational effectiveness

On the basis of an internet-based survey and qualitative interviews with users of EMSA amongst representatives of member states, the EU, organisations and industry, COWI evaluated EMSA's achievements and its policy, relations management and organisational effectiveness.

Continued improvementThe evaluation was concluded in a report containing the results as well as recommendations for continued positive development, contributing to the improved functioning of EMSA and further enhancing the quality of the services provided by EMSA.


LAST UPDATED: 18.08.2017