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Working with CSR in Mars Denmark

Photo: Niels Aage Skovbo/COWI

COWI has helped Mars Denmark establish a strategy for corporate social responsibility (CSR).

The Danish branch of Mars Inc., global manufacturers of chocolate, confectionery and pet food, initially wanted to benchmark their position in the Scandinavian market with that of their competitors.

COWI carried out a benchmarking analysis with 30 CSR indicators in Scandinavia in terms of environmental, economic and social factors.

Involving stakeholders
Subsequently, COWI conducted a workshop for the Mars employees whose work relates to CSR.

At the workshop, employees and management discussed how Mars can involve their stakeholders in the CSR process, ensuring internal anchoring and external backing. The workshop resulted in an ideas catalogue of potential action.
Integrated process

It is vital for Mars Denmark that the Scandinavian strategy is in line with the initiatives carried out by the group internationally.

Mars Denmark is working towards a CSR strategy which provides for the particular opportunities in the Scandinavian market.

LAST UPDATED: 01.09.2017