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Public-private partnerships in Romanian waste management

Photo: cendr/flickr
Arges County is introducing an integrated waste management system. COWI provides the consultancy on how to involve the private sector in managing waste in the Romanian county.

Since Romania's accession to the EU in 2007, the country has had to comply with new regulations in the waste sector. In Arges County, a new dump site is being built to meet the EU directives of protecting and improving the environment.

Private sector participation

Arges County intends to involve the private sector in the operation of the integrated waste management system through public-private partnerships (PPP).

This will increase efficiency, improve the level of services, optimise capital investments and ensure the long-term financial, technical and environmental sustainability of the system, also setting up a tariff policy according to the "polluter pays principle", which considers the financial conditions of the users.

PPP consultancy

Drawing on state-of-the-art international best practice in the PPP field and the waste sector, as well as extensive knowledge of Romanian conditions from previous projects in Romania, COWI is carying out detailed due diligence analyses of the existing operations and systems.

We are advising the county on the structuring of the PPP transaction. Subsequently, COWI will prepare the PPP tender material and provide tender, signing and closing assistance to Arges County.

LAST UPDATED: 03.08.2017