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Review of IWGIA's framework agreement with Danida

Photo: IWGIA

​COWI recommendation leads to 25 % increase in Danish contribution to indigenous peoples' work group.

​Indigenous peoples all over the world face serious human rights challenges. IWGIA (The International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs) is a unique, yet small, international organisation working to promote and protect indigenous peoples' rights.

The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has asked COWI to review and assess IWGIA's overall strategic focus, results achieved, the efficiency and institutional capacity under the Danida framework contract, sponsored by the ministry.

The objective of the review was to assess IWGIA’s activities within the framework agreement with Danida and to assist IWGIA in identifying shortcomings and opportunities for further development of its activities under the agreement.

High level of effectiveness and efficiency

The COWI team found that IWGIA is carrying out an important human rights and lifesaving work, representing vulnerable and otherwise ill-represented indigenous peoples and communities all over the world. The results achieved and the level of efficiency is high, taking IWGIA's capacity into consideration. This is to a large degree because IWGIA is drawing on its network of indigenous organisations, volunteers and researchers who contribute with research and documentation, UN agencies, the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights, etc.

A few organisational challenges such as the lack of in-house human rights law expertise and limited visibility in donor countries were also identified.

On this basis, COWI has recommended an increase in the support to IWGIA which resulted in a 25 % increase in the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ (DMFA) contribution to IWGIA.

LAST UPDATED: 20.07.2017