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Sustainable innovation web tool

Sustainability is an important factor when companies define their innovation strategies. COWI has designed an online sustainable innovation web tool for the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency (DCCA).

The DCCA aims to help small and medium-sized Danish enterprises develop their business in a sustainable way.

This concept is called corporate social innovation (CSI) and includes commercially funded initiatives which benefit the environment or prevent social problems locally or globally.

Online tool and campaign

For this purpose, COWI has developed a web tool, the Ideas Compass. The site is used by companies which want to integrate sustainability in their new products and innovation processes.

The tool provides inspiration, methods, considerations and links which can kick-start the work with CSI in the companies.

The tool will also be used in an extensive campaign directed at small and medium-sized enterprises.

Designers, researcher and entrepreneurs

COWI has established a consortium consisting of designers, researchers and leading entrepreneurs within CSI and CSR.

The project also involves several companies to ensure that the tool is targeted to their needs.

LAST UPDATED: 26.07.2017