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Appraisal of Lusakert Biogas Plant, Armenia

Photo: COWI


COWI carried out a technical, organisational, environmental, financial and economic review of the Lusakert Biogas Plant project in Armenia.

The purpose of the appraisal of the biogas plant project was to provide Danida with a basis for deciding whether to support the project under the Mixed Credit Programme.

Improving waste management
The biogas plant is a poultry plant, and the purpose of the project was to mitigate the animal-related emissions to the water and the air by improving the farm’s waste management system.

The project further consisted of an advanced improvement to the common practice of poultry waste management, reducing a significant volume of greenhouse gases and improving the quality of the reject water.

Investment decisionThe consideration of whether to implement a more expensive technology in the plant was brought about by the adoption of the Kyoto Protocol and the Clean Development Mechanism.

The project is registered as CDM project in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

LAST UPDATED: 16.02.2017