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EU pre-accession assistance programme for Turkey

Photo: Minamie/flickr
​COWI carried out a pre-EU accession programme for Turkey.

The European Union's 2005 pre-accession assistance programme for Turkey was carried out to achieve a high level of environmental protection and compliance with EU directives in Turkey.

The project consisted of a master plan and technical assistance to prepare water supply and wastewater treatment plan projects in 15 municipalities in Turkey.

Financial and economic analysis
COWI carried out a feasibility study for each municipality, including financial and economic analysis.

The analysis included the development of a financial model for tariff-setting, cost recovery, sensitivity analysis and risk assessment, in order to evaluate and assess the water and wastewater projects for the municipalities.

Investment packages
The economic analysis tested whether the net benefits to society exceeded the net costs. An examination of social benefits and social costs was used to justify co-financing from the European Union.

The feasibility study as a part of the technical assistance was carried out to assist Turkey to prepare investment project packages among priority projects that were proposed for Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) financing.


LAST UPDATED: 12.04.2017