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Feasibility study of combined heat and power project (CHP), Kosovo

Photo: David Bailey/flickr

The combined heat and power (CHP) project improves fuel efficiency in Kosovo. COWI carried out a feasibility study of the project.

The combined heat and power (CHP) project aims to provide fuel efficiency in an integrated way, by means of a fuel-efficient energy technology which uses the by-product heat from Kosovo B (power plant) that is normally rejected into the environment.

Feasibility study
COWI carried out a heating market analysis, investigating demand forecasts and a basis for the optimal size of the CHP facilities and the transmission pipe.

Technical, financial, economic, social and environmental impacts of the project were assessed.

In the financial and economical analysis, COWI conducted cost and revenue estimates, project impacts on balance sheet and profit and loss of the district heating company and the power plant, as well as a risk and sensitivity analysis.

Socio-environmental factors
In addition, COWI examined financing arrangements and economic analysis, taking into account potential indicative carbon credits and socio-environmental cost benefit factors.

Finally, COWI helped the customer make initial contacts with potential financiers and prepare a realistic proposal for project financing.

LAST UPDATED: 12.04.2017