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Cities for everyone

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The overall goal of the project was to ensure a positive development in exposed city and residential areas. Focus was on local partnership, employment and on efforts to achieve successful employment.

COWI designed a pre- and post-evaluation for the Danish Ministry of Refugees, Immigration and Integration Affairs. The evaluation report describes the five participating city areas by various computed indicators, and is based on self-evaluations, focus group interviews with residents, and a physical survey of the residential areas. In addition we provided consultancy to the project managers.


We applied the evaluation model “Logical Framework Approach” (LFA). This model was chosen because it is able to systematise, structure and define the links between the overall goals for all the residential areas, the immediate goals for specific residential areas, survey results, activities and inputs.

Data collection

For the evaluation we used data from Statistics Denmark and data collected by means of an electronic survey. Qualitative data collected via self-evaluations complemented the survey data.

All experienceCOWI included both good and bad experiences from the residential area projects to ensure the best platform for future decision-making. The ministry will use use the evaluation report as a basis for developing a model for implementation and organisation of similar initiatives.


LAST UPDATED: 06.05.2017