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Anti-corruption courses

Photo: Lars Lyhne Stensgaard/COWI

COWI conducts courses for senior international managers from the public sector and NGOs on how to curb corruption.

Curbing corruption

Corruption has a highly debilitating effect on the economic, social and political environment in which it occurs, and curbing corruption is high on the international agenda.

Cooperating with the anti-corruption consultancy Global Advice Network (GAN), COWI has designed a three-week international course for senior managers from the public sector, NGOs and civil society organisations. Three courses have been held in 2008 and 2009.

Learning objective

The purpose of the course, as specified by Danida, is to provide the participants with knowledge, skills and attitudes regarding anti-corruption approaches to a level which enables them to promote anti-corruption initiatives in their own local organisational context.

Training approach COWI uses the latest methods in training, such as participatory methods, learner-centred teaching, case-studies and best practice materials to design, plan and implement the course.

After participants have gone back to their home countries, COWI follows up with them to ensure the effect of the training.


LAST UPDATED: 05.07.2017