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Giving voice to the private sector in Tanzania

Photo: Stig Stasig/COWI AS

COWI manages a fund that supports the private sector organisations in Tanzania in building capacity and initiating advocacy activities.

The focus of the project is to provide support to the private sector in Tanzania. In particular, to strengthen the advocacy work and capacity of weak and underrepresented businesses and organisations to articulate and express their specific needs.

No more favours or patronage

The private sector needs to have the capacity to understand, prioritise and articulate its needs to the government.

This means moving from a system of seeking patronage and favours towards the process of identifying priority issues for broad sections of the business community.

Boosting the business communityThe Business Environment Strenghtening Fund (BEST-AC, Advocacy Component) was established to help the private sector organisations pursue these goals.

Based on demand-driven principles, the BEST-AC has adopted a five-step advocacy methodology.

It encourages its partner private sector organisations to identify priority issues for advocacy. But also emphasises the importance of research to develop well-grounded proposals for reform to influence decision-makers.


LAST UPDATED: 26.04.2017