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Mainstreaming of EQUAL 2005-2008

Photo: Knud Nielsen/dkbilleder
EQUAL supports development partnerships seeking to combat discrimination and inequality on the labour market. COWI acted as National Support Structure and entrusted with the task of mainstreaming EQUAL results.
The EQUAL programme is a programme under the European Social Fund.

Development projects

There are 18 Danish projects within the following themes: (1) Integration of refugees and immigrants; (2) Gender-specific issues; (3) Integration of socially marginalised individuals.


As the NSS working for the National Agency for Enterprise and Construction COWI’s job was to support the mainstreaming of all Danish activities under the European Commission's EQUAL Programme. We provided assistance in horizontal and vertical mainstreaming.


Mainstreaming is a process in which all parties play an active role in ensuring that experiences gained and methods and products developed are communicated and disseminated to relevant stakeholders and anchored in the form of policies and practice. The idea is to share and disseminate practical experience which can be used in other contexts and not only in connection with the individual projects.

NSS tasks

The NSS assignment included:

  • guidance and support to development partnerships
  • mainstreaming via National and European thematic networks
  • vertical mainstreaming
  • dissemination.


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