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Danish programme against trafficking in human beings

Photo: sentochihirokotohoumi/flickr
COWI assisted the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its partners in Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine with combatting trafficking in human beings.

Lack of opportunity pushes young people in Eastern European countries to consider working abroad. Many arrive in Western Europe with high hopes and a will to succeed.

For some, however, this dream is shattered as they become caught in slavery-like conditions through the actions of organised criminals. They become victims of human trafficking.

Mapping the extent of trafficking

The overall aim of the programme is to prevent trafficking and to protect its victims through a "joined up" approach.

Following field visits to the three countries, COWI conducted a mapping study of the extent of human trafficking, the needs of people at risk and people who have been trafficked, and of the organisations working to address the phenomenon.

Programme design

From this analysis, COWI designed a programme of support. This is now being implemented by partners in the three countries.

The programme includes:


Raised awareness by informing about the problem in schools, youth clubs, through peer education and vocational training.


Funded rehabilitation and reintegration services for those who have been trafficked and who have been able to return to their countries of origin.


Facilitated capacity building for law enforcement authorities, particularly training for border guards and police on how to recognise and respond to victims.

COWI continues to be involved in the programme, and is providing quality assurance.



LAST UPDATED: 24.05.2017