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Russian-Danish local government development programme

Photo: COWI

COWI conveyed democratic and administrative experiences from Danish municipalities to selected Russian municipalities.

The programme comprised municipal twinning between four local governments in Denmark and four in Western Russia.  

Sharing experiences

The programme developed four thematic areas of cooperation between Danish and Russian municipalities.

The twinned municipalities exchanged experiences, visited each other on study tours and subsequently applied the new insights.

Aarhus-LeningradAarhus and the Leningrad region cooperated on applying experiences from the recent municipal reform in Denmark in a region where the amalgamation of municipalities was on the agenda.


Bornholm and the town of Kirillov in the Vologda region cooperated on an organisational review and in developing strategic planning as a political planning tool, focusing on i.a. tourism development.

Aalborg-St. Petersburg

Aalborg and the city of St. Petersburg cooperated on developing policies and institutions for physically disabled persons.

Odense-Gusev Odense and the town of Gusev in the Kaliningrad region cooperated on developing improved and environmentally conscious solid waste management methods.



LAST UPDATED: 17.06.2017