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Strengthening the culture for business in Ghana

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COWI works with business sector development by taking a holistic approach to the enhancement of a culture for business.

Strenghtening the culture for business was one of four components of the Danida-assisted Ghana business sector programme. The project addressed the government and the business sector's desire to strengthen a culture for business in Ghana.

COWI provided assistance to  strengthen business practises and advocacy capacity for the business sector, as well as public sector customer service for business.

Business sector advocacy challenge fund

As the main effort of this project, COWI set up a DKK 60 million business sector advocacy challenge fund.

The fund works through a competitive, demand-driven mechanism, and aims to empower private businesses and business sector associations, labour market associations and media organisations to advocate pro-business sector reform.

Fund-supported activities aim to enhance business sector engagement in policy formulation and implementation, strengthening business sector representative organisations, and broadening public understanding of the role of the business sector.

LAST UPDATED: 27.04.2017