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Artillerivej Syd - new urban development in Copenhagen Harbour

A new urban district is under way along the southern part of Islands Brygge in Copenhagen Harbour. In between the buildings, an artificial cove with a sandy beach is being established.

Islands Brygge is centrally located on the small island Amager in Copenhagen with the recreational area, Amager Common, on the one side and the harbour on the other.

An attractive urban areaThe intention is to build approximately 200,000 m² of mixed housing and commerce. The district plan proposes the establishment of a town district combining high and dense developments with low, open and organic buildings.

Great emphasis is placed on the proximity of the district to the nearby recreational areas of the harbour and the common, and as an additional feature the overall plan includes the establishment of an artificial cove which both intersects and connects the area.

The cove will have a sandy beach and will be provided with fresh water from the harbour of the same good quality as the water in the existing basins in the harbour. In addition, there will be facilities such as grocery stores, coffee shops, day care and rowing clubs.

A strong team

The area, Artillerivej Syd, is developed by NCC Property Development, Pension Danmark, Walls og FB Gruppen. 

The landowners have engaged a group of consultants to manage the process and ensure that the intentions in the overall development plan are realized. This group consists of Schønherr Landscape, Jord & Miljø, LE 34 and COWI.

COWI has the overall responsibility for the project coordination and also provides technical advisory services within the fields of traffic planning, infrastrucure and public utilities.

Advanced Process Consultancy

One of COWI's primary tasks has been to provide the prerequisites for a successful development of the area and coordinate the co-operation between the four landowners as well as the residents, local authorities and other stakeholders.

LAST UPDATED: 10.11.2017