3D city model of Zurich

Photo: COWI
COWI has extensive know-how and experience in producing 3D city models.  In July 2010, COWI was awarded to generate a homogeneous 3D city model of Zurich, the economic capital of Switzerland.

The 3D city model of Zurich contains approx. 49.500 buildings, 1.920 canopies, 70 silos/chimneys and 400 bridges on approx. 91 sqkm.

Building footprints from the Swiss AV (“Amtliche Vermessung”)The large 3D model will be semi-automatically generated using photogrammetry and COWI’s powerful in-house developed 3D modelling, editing and QC tools. The official 2D building footprints from the Swiss AV will be used to create overhanging roofs and to generate one proper 3D building per official footprint for the sustainable maintenance in a relational database.

Extended CityGMLThe 3D model will be delivered in the standard format CityGML (www.citygml.org). The CityGML structure will be extended on the client’s request to add various attributes. Such modifications can easily be performed by COWI, because in-house developed tools are used, which makes us flexible for such and further adaptations.

Business in SwitzerlandThe 3D model of Zurich is the third project of COWI Mapping in Switzerland and the second within 3D city modelling. COWI is operating a project office in Zurich, specialized in 3D city modelling, and will develop further business in the region.

LAST UPDATED: 09.08.2017