Efficient IT solution protects Danish bridges

Photo: Nicky Bonne

​To prevent corrosion and decay, a range of Danish bridges are fitted with cathodic protection systems. COWI developed a new operations monitoring sys-tem to ensure efficient system monitoring.

​Around two dozens of the bridges operated by the Danish Road Directorate – in-cluding the Farø Bridges – are fitted with cathodic protection systems, which pre-vent corrosion of the reinforcement in the bridges by means of applied electrical current. To control the current, performance data is retrieved from a large number of sensors embedded in the bridge.

Automatic, continual collection of performance data

To efficiently monitor the protection systems, COWI developed a performance mon-itoring system that continually and automatically collects performance data and configuration parameters from all of the sensors on the bridge and stores it central-ly. The system is generally applicable for monitoring corrosion and for measuring vibration, noise and environmental aspects.

In practice, the system sends out alarms via email and text messages if the data exceeds fixed threshold limits, or if the system experiences technical problems.

Saves time and increases reliability

Thanks to the performance monitoring system, the consultants regularly assessing the condition of the bridges have far better tools to analyse and process collected data. Among other things, the solution includes a document management system, allowing documentation, repair log and operating reports to be stored in one place. The automatic data collection and alarm system is also expected to result in consid-erable time savings. All of which contributes to achieving the most efficient bridge maintenance.

LAST UPDATED: 01.04.2017