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​Providing a structured and user-friendly method for Danish farmers/agricultural consultants to register and sub-divide their fields, COWI developed the digital GIS system AgroGIS. The system supports the process of applying for EU hectare support.

Farmers/agricultural consultants regularly need to collect and analyse various data about fields, such as soil quality data, which they use to plan the use of fertilizer, lime etc. and to prepare accurate applications for EU hectare support.

In 1999, COWI developed AgroGIS – a digital GIS system, which has become a natural tool for farming professionals to register fields, plan fertilizers etc. AgroGIS helps create an overview of the many different data by visualising these on digital maps.

Geographical visualisation facilitates data management

AgroGIS is based on a limited version of MapInfo. By using field block maps and DDO (Denmark's digital orthophoto) as background maps, users can register and sub-divide existing fields and create new fields with the chosen information (e.g. field number and area).

AgroGIS gathers everything in one single application so there is no need for buying extra modules. In addition to determining field measurements, the system can be used for, e.g., indication of soil samples (for fertilizer planning), thematization of values on fields (crops or yield) and positioned crop production.

Thematization is a key function, which allows the user to colour areas to reflect various data. Hereby, the user's data becomes visually easier to grasp and thereby more manageable.

Continual development and optimisation of AgroGIS

COWI was in charge of the development process leading to AgroGIS, from specification, design, development and test of the system to subsequent support through hotline and training.

Furthermore, COWI regularly develops and optimises the system to future-proof it in terms of future environmental challenges and EU requirements. 

LAST UPDATED: 28.02.2017