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Gis solution provides visual registration of danish weather

Photo: Carsten Seidel


​To give insurance companies and customers access to information on weather conditions in relation to insurance cases, COWI developed a web site for Danish industry association Forsikring & Pension.

​Developed for the insurance industry association Forsikring & Pension, the web site www.forsikringsvejret.dk gives insurance companies and customers access to the Danish Meteorological Institute's (DMI) weather data on Denmark, thereby achieving a detailed overview of weather conditions. For instance, in case of torrential rain.

Visual registration of DMI's continually updated weather data

The web site's GIS-based web application presents weather information on a digital map. The system is a structured and user-friendly platform for presenting and handling the weather data, which DMI provides regularly. Data is updated every two hours, and the system was developed to handle as high update frequency as every five minutes.  

The user's address query is based on continual inquiries to the Danish public information server (OIS), which ensures correct and valid addresses. This means that the user can quickly get an overview of weather conditions in his/her area. 

Text message warnings about weather affecting users

At the web site, you can sign up to receive warnings in text messages, notifying the user of any weather that may be vital in relation to insurance cases.

The web application communicates via an external SMS gateway, which is used for sending out text messages. 

Warnings via text messages are just one of the many functions provided by www.forsikringsvejret.dk that enable users – insurance customers and companies alike – to prevent and handle situations that may cause insurance claims.

LAST UPDATED: 28.02.2017