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Environmental data information system (EDIS) for Fehmarnbelt

Photo: COWI

​​Map of the fixed tunnel link across Fehmarnbelt

​For Femern A/S, COWI developed EDIS – a map da-tabase that handles and controls the extensive environmental data sets which were collected prior to the establishment of the fixed tunnel link across Fehmarnbelt.

​Extensive environmental studies prior to the establishment of the Fehmarnbelt tunnel link called for a general strategy for handling geographical data. Femern A/S considered it vital to have an environmental data information system which could ensure that data was only collected once, despite the multitude of projects and interested parties involved.

Adaptable during construction process

EDIS is a central system for searching, viewing, exchanging and standardising environmental data – including geodata.

Technologically, EDIS is a GIS-based data management system – a data warehouse – that stores and structures maps from reports and analyses as well as raw geographical master data and work data.

The user interface is web-based and built in a content management system with search functionality, 2D and 3D map views, and download and upload functionalities. Consisting of modules, EDIS can be expanded and adapted as the construction process progresses and suppliers for the fixed link are chosen.

Consistent and user-friendly to clients

The system is a typical client consultancy service, ensuring consistency and use of maps and geographical data from a shared central database that covers several suppliers.

The main objective of EDIS is to make it easier for environmental consultants, clients and contractors to access and deliver data in the right formats. This makes the system interesting not only to major civil works, but also to municipalities and other large organisations which possess vast data quantities.

LAST UPDATED: 01.03.2017