GIS system manages applications for EU agricultural subsidies

Photo: COWI


​The Danish AgriFish Agency heads the payment of EU agricultural subsidies to Danish farmers. A geograph-ical information system manages farmers' applica-tions, and this system is further developed and maintained by COWI.

​Every year, the EU contributes some DKK 7 billion in agricultural subsidies to Dan-ish farmers. Being responsible for allocation and payment of subsidies, the Danish AgriFish Agency uses a sophisticated GIS system for handling farmers' applications, and for subsequently administrating the subsidies and verifying the subsidy basis. 

In 2013, COWI took over responsibility for maintaining and further developing the part of the system that handles geographical data: IMK2. Thanks to strong compe-tencies and years of experience in developing GIS systems, COWI offers an inno-vative and professional approach to continual system development.

Useful geographical application tool for farmers

IMK2 allows farmers to register directly in the system all fields that they apply for agricultural subsidies for. On this basis, the system automatically calculates what areas are eligible for subsidies and checks the validity of the application by means of a number of map themes and geographical analyses that reflect EU farming leg-islation.

In addition to being a useful application tools for farmers, IMKS also acts as a tool for internal Danish AgriFish Agency users when processing applications. The system provides the Danish AgriFish Agency with as many as 200 different map themes and editing facilities for maintaining field block polygons.

Continual IMK2 optimisation is a focal point

The system is designed and developed for processing a vast number of applications every year, regarding one-off payments, edge-zone applications and aftercrop re-ports. The system is currently processing in excess of 45,000 applications a year, along with around 100,000 annual changes to the underlying geographical field blocks, based on farmers' reports.

Peak loads occur around application deadlines every year, making high demands on system performance and stability. Since the EU agricultural subsidy scheme is facing massive changes in 2014, the system is expected to undergo a series of ex-tensive changes in the years to come. COWI's services will prepare the system for future changes.

LAST UPDATED: 01.04.2017