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It consultancy optimises waste management

Photo: COWI


​To optimise waste management in the City of Co-penhagen, COWI provided process consultancy to enhance the City's waste management system ASK. Consultancy focal areas included development and optimisation of workflows in and around the system. 

​Since 2007, the City of Copenhagen has gradually taken over responsibility for waste management in Copenhagen after public refuse collection company R98. This transition has also seen the implementation of Copenhagen's new waste management system ASK, which aims to facilitate efficient and user-friendly administration of waste management.

Easily accessible cooperation forum for administra-tion of waste management

ASK is a web-based IT system developed to be integratable with the City's other systems.

The City uses the system for administering all aspects relating to collection of refuse, including information on collection schemes, location of waste bins, equipment, special circumstances at citizens' homes etc. The system also allows private refuse collection companies which are responsible for waste management in practice as well as citizens to provide feedback on incidents and orders.

Thereby, ASK forms the basis for a cooperation forum where the City, private refuse collection companies and citizens can exchange information and administer waste management from a common basis.

Consultancy on development and adjustment of processes

Aiming to optimise the use of ASK, from 2012 to 2013, COWI was tasked with developing and adjusting workflows for all waste management processes – also for external refuse collection companies – and with reviewing existing IT systems in order to identify necessary expansions and modifications.
One of the project objectives is to pave the way for the City's implementation of RFID-based bin registration and dynamic weighing of waste volumes for the some 150,000 waste bins in Copenhagen.

LAST UPDATED: 07.04.2017