Mapping of Gothenburg, Sweden

Photo: COWI A/S


After a public tender, COWI has been assigned the project by Gothenburg city, Stadsbyggnadskontoret, to deliver aerial photography, orientation data and orthophoto with a resolution of 8 cm of Gothenburg Municipality in the years 2010 and 2011 with an option for the years 2012 and  2013.

Stadsbyggnadskontoret produces and purchases geodata products of Gothenburg Municipality. Aerial photography will be captured of the entire municipality every second year to be used as a basis for updating the map database. Also colour orthophotos will be produced as these are widely used for administration, land use and analyses, as map reference and for illustrative purposes. All aerial photos and orthophotos will be filed to serve as a time document for future needs. 

Historical documentation
Historical photos and orthophotos are used by the planners of Stadbyggnadskontoret, external companies and academic institutions. It is therefore essential for Göteborg Stad to obtain photos of a good quality that can be downloaded permanently for posterity. 

Extension of a long-standing cooperationThe project is an extension of a long-standing cooperation between COWI and Göteborgs Stad on a number of geodata services, including aerial photography and orthophoto. COWI was chosen among 4 tenderers, having the financially most advantageous tender in relation to price and quality (resources, quality assurance and production plan).

Leading provider of mapping servicesThe project is an important step in COWI’s continued expansion of its position on the Nordic market as a multidisciplinary consultant. COWI is with the acquisition in 2009 of the Swedish engineering company, FB Engineering, now significantly present with approximately 850 employees in Sweden and offices in 13 cities, including Malmø, Gothenburg and Stockholm.

LAST UPDATED: 13.04.2017