UAV mapping



COWI uses UAVs (Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles) for mapping and surveying land and coastal areas. COWI UAVs have covered areas in Denmark, Norway, the Faroe Islands and Greenland.

Due to its small size the UAV is particularly suitable for flying over land and coastal areas, where the geographical location and terrain makes it challenging to create an overview from the ground. 

We combine our expertise in mapping and data processing with specialist knowledge within environment, climate and data analyses.

Here you can read more about selected UAV projects:  


​COWI has used its Unmanned Aircraft vehicle (UAV) to map a glacier 150 km northeast of Nuuk, with the objective to test whether UAV's can be ...


​COWI has used its Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle (UAV) to map the growth of rosehip al...


​In 2014, Gyldensteen Beach in northern Fyn will be flooded deliberately. UAVs, ma...

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