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Consulting services for property registration system in Mongolia

Photo: Lennart Frej, ORGUT


In order to support Mongolia's transition to market economy, COWI (Denmark) and ORGUT Consulting (Sweden) have provided comprehensive consultancy services to the Mongolian authorities.  

Shortly after the Eastern European transition to market economy in 1989, Mongolia began its own democratic revolution, which led to a similar transition as well as a new constitution in 1992.

Transition to market economy requires, among other things, a well-functioning legal property rights system, where the formal rights of land and properties are registered, thus enabling these assets to be traded. The General Authority for State Registration (GASR) in Mongolia, and in particular the Property Rights Department, was responsible for implementation.

Comprehensive analysis of authorities responsible for property rights

The main objective of the joint venture between COWI and ORGUT was to ensure a sustainable development and implementation of the GASR and Property Rights Department’s operations and services, as well as to make sure that the procedures were consistent with international best practices. COWI and ORGUT benefitted from long experience and expert knowledge in relation to analysing property rights registration processes.

Initially, a comprehensive business analysis of GASR, and the Property Rights Department in particular, was carried out. The analysis covered, among other tasks, legal frameworks, registration processes and procedures, human resources, finance and accounting systems and customer services.

Consultancy as a basis for sustainable implementation

The business analysis created the basis for developing a sustainable implementation plan, as well as preparation of proposals for a continued sustainable development of the property registration system, supported by a comprehensive training programme, including management training at top and senior management levels. 


LAST UPDATED: 13.04.2017