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Creation of a parcel index map in Trinidad and Tobago

Photo: COWI A/S
COWI assisted with improvement of the land administration in Trinidad and Tobago. Cadastral maps will prepare the way for future development of the country.
Earlier, only imprecise land registers existed in Trinidad and Tobago. This project, however, aimed to alleviate the problem via creation and updating of a parcel index map that will serve as foundation for future cadastral development.

The overall aim of the project

The overall aim of the project was to develop methods to support an up-to-date and transparent cadastral administration. The project consisted of three different phases; in the first phase, analogue maps with cadastral parcels were digitised and merged into a parcel index map.

In the second phase, a Cadastre Management Information System (CMIS) was developed in order to support the client in handling the administration of property. Whereas the third phase focused on sustainability and knowledge transfer. In this final phase, COWI provided training in the GIS system MapInfo.

Cadastral maps and property registration - keys to future development

The registration of ownership of land and property enables the government in Trinidad and Tobago to improve the property registration for administrative purposes as well as external use and thereby improve the development of the country. 

Examples of the services provided by COWI

  • Development of a Parcel Index Map by vectorisation of 500 map sheets with 500,000 parcels
  • Design and implementation of a CMIS to manage, register, present and maintain cadastral information
  • Training in MapInfo as well as optimisation and computerisation of two ministerial departments

LAST UPDATED: 19.01.2017