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Data conversion of land parcel plans in Romania

Photo: COWI A/S
COWI heads an EU financed project in Romania converting land parcel plans from paper format to digital format. The project contributes to securing an efficient system of property rights registration. 

Cadastre and land registration are basic infrastructures required for economic and social development. In many former communist countries, guarantee and official registration of property rights are still a pending issue. However, in Romania many achievements have been reached within this field during the past years.

Digitising more than 400,000 land parcels

One of the initiatives to improve Romanian property rights registration is the data conversion project headed by COWI. The project supports development and implementation of a secure, unitary, integrated and cost efficient property rights registration. 

The main objective of the project is to convert land parcel plans from paper format to digital format and to create new land parcel plans using the existing property title database. The two Romanian counties, Gorj and Covasna, were selected as pilot areas, and COWI is responsible for digitizing some 400,000 land parcels and 20,000 cadastral documentation files from these two counties.

On a long view, the plan is to spread the experiences from the two pilot areas to cover the remaining 40 Romanian counties, so that all land parcel plans will be available in digital format in the future.

Geographical database for update

COWI also develops a geographical database and a web application enabling the National Agency for Cadastre and Land Registration and all the local cadastral offices in the respective counties to work with the same database for querying and updating spatial and non-spatial information. 

Modern digital public administration

A nationwide coverage of digital land parcel plans and a common database for their administration will modernize and improve the present cadastral administration and make it more service orientated.

LAST UPDATED: 15.11.2017