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Technical assistance to land use planning in Ghana

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The current land management regime in Ghana is characterized by excessive land disputes, weak institutions, general indiscipline, poor access and insecurity of tenure that are all hindrances to rapid socio-economic development and accentuate the poverty levels in the country.

The objective is to develop a coherent streamlined and sustainable land use planning and management system which is decentralized, and based on consultative and participatory approaches to effectively manage human settlements developments. The project is part of a comprehensive land administration reforms programme under the Land Administration Project of the Government of Ghana.


The detailed activities of the technical assistance to achieve the objectives are:

  • Development and testing of models and processes of land use planning and development controls in partnership and with the active participation of the communities and customary land owners and all the spectre and levels of Planning Authorities and stakeholder groups

  • Development and testing of simplified and operational procedures of inter-linkage between land tenure clarification and land use management from National through Regional to District and further to community levels as an integral part of the development of a coherent management process as reflected in the LUPMIS 

  • Implementation of a GIS based information system integrating new and existing data (geographical and relevant planning attributes) to support integrated planning at all levels, plus a Development Permits Database to strengthen enforcement of plans

  • Thorough Training Needs Assessment and preparation and implementation of an embracive Training Programme in the new planning model including GIS and IT

  • Development and drafting of a coherent and modernized legal framework for town and country planning including model guidelines and regulations

  • Preparation and implementation of institutional reform and strengthening with required capacity building

  • Development of information/public awareness campaign strategies and materials to support the implementation of the reformed planning system

  • Support the implementation of land use planning and development controls in Greater Accra Region and 6 other selected pilot areas at National, Regional and District levels.
Impact on Land Use Planning and Management in Ghana

The results consisted in the introduction of a coherent and streamlined three tier planning model supported by capacitated human resources equipped with uptodate and tailormade technological tools, and optimal institutional and legislative frameworks and user-friendly as well as customer service oriented business processes in selected regional and District TCPD/A offices, ready for replication nationwide.

The project has immensely contributed in lifting up the image of TCPD/A and capacitation. The customers and stakeholders range from national authority, through regional and District levels all the way down to public and private developers and communities, to ensure the consensus of the multitude stakeholders and their respective interests due to the embracive impact of planning on the livelihoods of the communities and national and local development.

LAST UPDATED: 17.11.2017