60 MW wind farm at Zafarana, Egypt

60 MW wind farm, Zafarana, Egypt 
 Photo: COWI/Andrzej Brones.
The first large-scale wind farm was built in Egypt in 2000-2001. The wind farm is erected in one of the windiest sites in this part of the world, where the average wind speed rises above 9m/sec. The wind farm is located in a stony desert near the seacoast.
In 1999, after a competitive bidding, Danida awarded the Contract for design and tendering of the works to COWI. The wind farm was designed with two rows of turbines in slightly curved line in order to create a pleasent view.

In 2000, after a competitive bidding, Danida awarded a new Contract to COWI. This Contract covered a new 30 MW wind farm financed by Danish mixed credit to NREA.

The tendering of the works and evaluation of tenders led to the most economically attractive offer made by the company Nordex for the 1st tender package and Vestas for the 2nd package.

The 1st wind farm was constructed with 50 stall-regulated wind turbines rated 600kW each. The 2nd wind farm was constructed with 46 pitch-regulated wind turbines rated 660 kW each. The automatic operation of the wind turbines is monitored by an advanced SCADA system with data transmission based on underground fibreoptic cables and a main computer station located in a central Control Room.

The wind farm is constructed for a 20-year lifetime verified by Germanisher Lloyd.

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