Biomass Fired Power Plant

Photo: COWI

​In 2011 Packages decided to analyze the possibility to establish a new biomass power plant, replacing their existing natural gas and heavy fuel oil fired boiler which supplies process steam and electricity to paper mills located south of Lahore in Pakistan.

​New Biomass Boiler

Packages therefore contacted COWI to perform an assessment of integrating a new biomass boiler plant with the existing facilities. The paper mill has an annual production of 300,000 tons of paper and card board and the primary target of a biomass based power plant is to provide dependable energy source and cut operation costs.

Biomass Residues

COWI has performed an analysis of possible fuel sources for the biomass plant, based on a study of the feedstock in the region. With focus on availability, flexibility and environmental sustainability, the optimal solution is to use biomass residues that are presently not utilized by the local farmers. Biomass residues like wheat straw, corn stover and cotton stalks are available in large quantities in the area near the plant and will form basis for the feedstock..

COWI’s Services

COWI services include preparation of conceptual design of the complete plant including assessment of; collection of residue fuels from the fields, transportation of baled and loose biomass residue to the plant, storing and handling, system for preparation of the biomass fuel and the feeding system to the boiler. Integration between the new biomass boiler and the existing power plant have been thoroughly investigated and calculated by COWI (using the thermodynamic simulation tool Thermoflex), in order to find the optimum size of new boiler, integrating with and utilization of the existing steam turbine and gas boilers.

Based on the conceptual design, COWI has assessed several possible scenarios, prepared a ‘bankable feasibility study’ for external financing followed by overall design, preparation of tender documents based on FIDIC, and procurement on a turnkey basis of a new biomass fired power plant.

The new power plant will notably reduce Packages operating costs. It will also contribute to the region’s economic development because it will use locally grown biomass residues as its fuel. Finally, the new biomass fired power plant will significantly cut CO2 emissions from the plant.

LAST UPDATED: 30.09.2017