Chengde district heating system

Chengde DH System 
 Photo: COWI.
The mountain city of Chengde is located in the north-eastern part of China approx. 200 km from Beijing. Today, the heat supply of the 300,000 inhabitants in Chengde is based on small individual coal-fired boilers with low energy efficiency.
With the objective of improving the environment in Chengde significantly, a new district heating system based on surplus heat from an existing power plant was planned. COWI has carried out an evaluation of the proposed layout and design of the new 700 MW district heating system in Chengde supplying a heat area of 11 million m2. The assistance included improvement and optimisation of the energy efficiency of the system and minimisation of the needed investments.

In connection with construction of a new district heating transmission pipeline from the existing power plant, COWI has performed transient and steady-state hydraulic analyses of the district heating network and transmission pipeline. The objective of the analysis was to evaluate safety aspects of the new transmission pipe and major technical challenges have been addressed, i.e. a detailed evaluation on how the great elevation differences should be addressed in an appropriate manner, an evaluation of pump trip and valve closing in order to avoid damaging water-hammering in the system etc.

Finally, the work has included specification of functional requirements to major components such as valves, pumps, control system, etc. regarding the new lay-out of the system.

LAST UPDATED: 18.09.2017