Energy-conscious design of new slaughterhouse

Danish Crown Energy-conscious design new slaughterhouse 
 Photo: COWI.
With many years’ tradition within efficient use of energy and water it is a major challenge to design Danish Crown’s new slaughterhouse in Horsens with an energy and water consumption that is 30% lower than the present average among Danish Crown’s slaughterhouses.

The new slaughterhouse in Horsens was in 2001 expected to get an energy and water consumption of:

  • Electricity 26,500 MWh/year
  • Thermal energy 58,000 MWh/year
  • Water 760,000 m3/year

A 30% reduction of these costs will partly be achieved through use of best available technology from Danish Crown’s slaughterhouses, partly through a wide variety of improvements to present technology:

  • waste-heat recovery systems are the most comprehensive ever used comprising heat storage, heat pumps, etc.
  • systematic reduction of energy needs in major processes, cleaning and decontaminating processes etc.
  • heating and cooling systems are optimised using several temperature systems and advanced operation modes.

COWI has been assigned to manage this, the most challenging, energy efficiency project in Danish industry for decades. As a major spin-off to this project it is foreseen that the most profitable technology improvements will be transferred to other Danish Crown slaughterhouses after commissioning and final optimisation of the processes at the new slaughterhouses.

The new slaughterhouse was put into operation in late 2004 and is expected to be commissioned and fully operating in spring 2005.

LAST UPDATED: 18.09.2017