Energy concept in Ullerød-byen, Denmark

Energy Concept, Ulleroedbyen 
 Photo: COWI/Jens Ole Hansen.
COWI has assisted Hillerød Energi A/S in developing an Energy Concept for the new district, the Ullerød-byen, in Hillerød. Hillerød Energi wants to make the district an attractive and energy-efficient place - and at the same time keep the energy price for the customers at the same level as in the other parts of Hillerød town.

Energy Concept

An Energy Concept is an integrated and optimised solution as far as energy supply and energy consumption in the buildings are concerned. Therefore, the Energy Concept for the Ullerød-byen has been developed early in the planning phase.

Energy consumption in the buildings

All buildings and sub-areas have been divided into energy ratings, stating how much energy each building is allowed to use. A few parts of the Ullerød-byen will become passive houses with almost no energy consumption having their own energy production from wood pellets, solar heat and ground heat. In other parts of the Ullerødbyen, there will be buildings with a somewhat higher energy consumption, but with energy-efficient collective supply.

Energy supply

As the energy consumption in the Ullerød-byen is considerably reduced compared to traditional buildings, it is easier to supply the district with renewable energy. The main supply will come from a central wood-chip plant. Locally, the supply will be supplemented with solar heat and heat pumps with earth tubes. The CO2 emissions will be 95% lower than in traditional buildings.

The process as a board game

In order to integrate the process into Hillerød Municipality, a workshop was held. Participants were people from the municipality who will be involved in the development of the Ullerød-byen. At the workshop, the Ullerød-byen was developed as a board game. By means of the board game, the participants built up the supply side and the building side to a concrete Energy Concept. COWIs "judges" and "consultants" guided the participants safely through the game, and at the end the participants could present a complete Energy Concept for the entire area.

EU subsidy

The Energy Concept has obtained an EU subsidy of 25 mio. DKK for demonstration and dissemination of knowledge of the project.

LAST UPDATED: 18.09.2017