Crude oil booster station, Denmark

Crude oil booster station Denmark 
 Photo: COWI.
Crude oil from the Danish sector of the North Sea is pumped 330 km from the Gorm field through a 20" pipeline to the Crude Oil Terminal adjacent to the Shell Refinery at Fredericia.

In order to increase the throughput capacity of the transportation system, a crude oil booster pump station was established at Filsø, near the west coast of Jutland.

Booster station

In 1990-1991, the booster pump station was designed with a throughput capacity of 170,000 BPD. In 1994, a further capacity increase to 210,000 BPD was implemented and in 1998-2000 a major expansion of the pump station took place resulting in a throughput capacity of 370,000 BPD.

The project included evaluation of performance and throughput capacity, comprising pipeline scraper receiver and launcher, five booster pumps with a normal operating capacity of 5 x 560 m3/h x 65 barg, flow improver injection facilities, pump control system, fire-fighting and gas detection systems and general utility systems.

A major challenge of this project was the tie-in planning of the new facilities in order to complete the project within a tight time schedule without interrupting the offshore crude production.

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